A little hello

A little hello

A little hello

January 24, 2012 | Design, Everyday, Letterpress | No Comments

Out of all the new cards I’ve made in the last few weeks, this “Hello” card was actually the one I was least excited about – I almost didn’t print it! Now I am giggling to myself, because it is the one that is getting the most love. I think it’s the green/grey combo – whatever it is, I am stoked that folks think it’s cool!

I packaged up a few as 6-packs tied with satin ribbon and you’ll never guess what the wrapper is…good ‘ol paper sack! Thanks New Seasons! : ) In my effort to keep my biz as green as possible I am looking for resourceful ways to spiff up my packaging. The clear plastic card sleeve is the industry standard – but they are very wasteful (one use only and then they get thrown in the trash)! I recently was introduced to Kimberly of kdpeony, a women’s and children’s clothing designer – such a kind and creative woman who repurposes fabric and makes amazing clothing items. I am looking forward to working with Kimberly in the future as a source for scrap strips of fabric to bundle my cards together. Cute – yep! Green – you bet ya! Check out Kimberly’s Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/kdpeony.

Creative Lab Press Close Up Hello Card

Creative Lab Press Greeting Cards

Creative Lab Press Hello Card

Creative Lab Press Hello Grass Card

Creative Lab Press hello greeting card

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